Holy Item: Takrut Horoscope with Coin Rahu
Master: Archan Subin
Year: B.E. 2560

All Mof Members have one do you have one too?

Name : Rien Kwan Tung (Rich Above Faith Edition) Phra Rahu 8 Directions To bring up downfall faith, ward away bad luck, bring lucky fortune, wash away obstacles in life lessen all troubles in your life. Write your name, surname and date of birth and year on the gold sheet then put it under buddha or give to archan or wear it above the waist to bring you a higher live and better protection. bring with you at all time with the Phra Rahu coin. Katha: Ka-Put-Pun-Tu_thum-Wa-Ka (12 times) for the effect above

Purposes of Phra Rahu:-

1. Change bad thing to good thing
2. Eat all of your bad luck
3. Get rid of bad stabbers and gossipers
4. Protection against evil spirits
5. Bring prosperity and money luck