Holy Item: Palakit (Kruba Krissana)
Temple: Wat Werawan
Master: Kruba Krissana
Year: B.E. 2560

Size: 5.6cm X 0.8cm (Approximately)

*Kruba Krissana Palakit With his Personal Hand Written Yants BE2560

Blessed by Kruba Krissana (known as KK, King Of Butterfly), famous for his butterfly, salika and metta and love amulets,this palakit are made from a kind of special nur wood which thai people believed the spiritual level is the strongest and when master doing blessing to chant and blessed,its can easily absorb and able to contain the power.

Kruba Krissana also personally yants on all the palakit to further power the level of the palakit to bring love,metta and money to the owner.

Purpose Of Palakit (Kruba Krissana):

1. maha seneh
2. maha mahiyom
3. Super Wealth Fetching and enhance good luck effects