Holy Item: Hoon Pa Yong in NMP
Temple: Samnak
Master: Ajarn Ninae
Year: B.E. 2558

Made from sacred Bronze materials and Holy Powder.

Featured with sacred Yants at Front & back

All encased and soaked in Nam Man Prai corpse oil. Made by one of the most renowned black magic master in Thailand. After a long absence, Ajarn Ninae once again made waves in the amulet community with this release. In his dedication to the practice, Ajarn Ninae is often known, in the consecration of his amulets, to utilize techniques that some would categorize as extreme.


1. Super “Bodyguard” – All round protection
2. Good Metta
3. Improves Business/Sales
4. Command Authority & Power in Work Environment
5. Superior or Higher Authority will “suka” you
6. Protection against unnecessary troubles or problems

Ajarn Ninae, Samnak – Saraburi province, he choose to study Khmer magic seriously until became mastered of Sanae YaFaed (charm-love-passion), SadohKoh (removing bad luck). In past, Ajarn Ninae was very successful in his mystical GumanThong from burnt dead babies strongly believed by lots of people to bring prosperous business and wealth to the owner. However, making GumanThong by burning dead babied was protested and Ajarn Ninae was arrested. After imprisonment, Ajarn Ninae turned himself to be a full guru master.