Holy Item: Abundance Wealth Bucket / Wealth Note
Temple: Samnak
Master: Archan Abdui & Archan K
1 Wealth Bucket + 3 Wealth Notes $88 ONLY !!!
“發發”大家一起 “HUAT” 大財

Purpose of Bucket / Wealth Note:-

1.财源广进,大富大贵,日进斗金,招财进宝 ( Plentiful of wealth rolling in from all side.)
2.Endowed with thriving business and Prosperous Trade
3. Keeping or help to watch over your wealth and financial.

Put the wealth notes and some money into the wealth bucket. Place it at the most auspicious place in your house or office. Do not put below waist level.

Some ideas that you may follow:-

– Put wealth note in pairs represent doubling your profit.
– Some gold chains 金玉满堂.
– Some rice 吃不完.